Indigo plaid cardiganIndigo plaid cardigan

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(cm) SS S M L XL
着丈 - - 67.0 70.0 73.0
肩幅 - - 45.0 48.0 51.0
身幅 - - 52.5 55.0 58.0
袖丈 - - 59.0 60.5 62.0

素材: 綿100%

※この作品は藍(インディゴ)で染めています。 雨などの濡れや、通常に着用いただく際にも摩擦等で移染いたしますので、着用時にはご注意いただけますよう、お願致します。また、お洗濯も単独で洗ってくださいますようお願いいたします。


This indigo check pattern cardigan is very soft, comfotable and gentle to your skin.

We added depth by overlaping the dyed areas, creating this 3 shades colour pattern.

The collar and button line are in a dark indigo shade that gives it a more adult style.

The V-collar makes this piece very versatile. Wear it with your favourite shirt to add a nice casual touch to your look. 

You can make it even more casual by adding bright colours to the mix, or even wear it under a jacket on colder days.

Definitely one of our recommendations for this spring. Just play with it, enjoy, and create the look that suits you better.

(cm) SS S M L XL
Length - - 67.0 70.0 73.0
Shoulder Width - - 45.0 48.0 51.0
Chest Width - - 52.5
55.0 58.0
Sleeve Length - - 59.0 60.5 62.0
* Please read about size spec.

Material:: Cotton100%

About [INDIGO dye] products

The color of [INDIGO dye] products will change from deep blue to light blue,
by washing and wearing it.
Please enjoy the fact that the hues in that change little by little.

Please be careful about color migration.
The blue of INDIGO dye products are easily imparted to your other
clothes (of white or pale colors), by friction or when it's rain.
When you use a washing machine, please wash it only in it.